Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick little speedster

This is John von Neuman in his Porsche 550 at the 1955 September Santa Barbara races.  John beat Ken Miles in the Saturday preliminary race by 3 seconds.  Sunday was another matter.  Von Neumann led from the start, with Richie Ginther second in another Porsche 550.  Ken Miles was third, for the first 6 laps.  Then Ginther spun and Miles moved up to von Neumann's rear.  On lap 20, they came up to lap some slower cars at the last corner.  Miles went to the inside and von Neumann went to the outside and off the course.  Try as he might, von Neumann was not able to catch Miles, but finished in second place.  He was followed by Ginther, Jack McAfee and Dr. Troy McHenry, all in Porsche 550's.

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