Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chuck Daigh and the Troutman-Barnes Special

Back to the Santa Barbara races of September 1955.  This is Chuck Daigh, in the Troutman-Barnes Special.  Daigh finished in second place in the Sunday main event.  Initially he was running in fourth spot behind Ernie McAfee, Phil Hill and Ken Miles. 
The car is a slick piece of mid-50's engineering.  It had a tube frame, independent front suspension, a live axle and transverse leaf springs in the rear, drilled and ducted Ford drum brakes and MG rack & pinion steering.  The body was 9 aluminum panels attached to the frame with dzuz fasteners.  It started life with a heavily modified Mercury flathead V-8 engine, but soon got an overhead valve V-8 from a Ford Thunderbird with Hilborn injection.  It ran in Southern California races from 1954 through 1957 with a variety of drivers.

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