Monday, August 24, 2015

More Stuff for sale

My friend, James Rice, is trying to downsize his collection of auto and aero literature and would like to offer it to true aficionados first.  Here's the details:
I have begun the process of reducing my inventory of auto and aero books, magazines and files which began in 1958 when I was a freshman in high school.   This process has begun because we will eventually need to move to smaller quarters.  I cannot not take all of this material with me…short term or long term.  I do not want to stick our children or grandchildren with the task.   
I can send you the auto lists via e-mail.  There are several multi-page spread sheets.  The list includes marque and race series histories, and a stack of Indianapolis 500 and CART material.  I have Indy 500 programs and year books from 1946 up thru the split in what - 1996?  There are also some NASCAR and BY400 programs and magazines about NASCAR and F1 at Indy.    

The aero material covers air-racing, private, general and military aviation and the space program.  If you have done the math, you know I am old enough to remember hearing and seeing the first satellite the USSR sent over head.   If you would like a copy of these hand written pages, please send my your address. 

There are a total of seven book cases and five file cabinets which eventually must be dealt with.  The list covers about half of what I have. 

Thanks for your time.

Historically Yours,

                           James Rice
                                         Pekin IL.  

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