Thursday, January 7, 2016

Grand Prix + The Best Grand Prix Reporting, online or in print

Anyone who has not heard of Grand Prix + is really missing out.  I came across this e-magazine when I bought Joe Saward's excellent book "Grand Prix Saboteurs".  The book was so good I had to find out more about Joe and that led me to GP+.  This is the best, current GP reporting and the photos are stunning.  Plus there are the great historical articles. At $45 (US) for 20+ issues this is a steal.  If you go to Joe's blog ( ) you can get a sample of GP+.  It's a little icon on the right of the main text.
Below is Joe's current sales blurb.

The motto of the GP+ e-magazine is “It’s all about the passion” and that really tells you all you need to know about the publication. It is a magazine for people who are passionate about F1, and about motor racing in general.  Those who subscribe often wonder why it took them so long to do it and we hope that many others will decide to give it a go this year.

It is about six years since GP+ last increased its price and while we understand that this does not make a great deal of commercial sense, we still believe that we should keep the price as low as possible to encourage more people to join the GP+ team and get new insight into the sport and develop even greater passion for the sport.

However, the current calendar and the global expansion of F1 means that we need to raise the price from the current £29.99. If you stop and think about it, if we were keeping up with UK inflation the magazine would now be costing you £35.69 per year, not even taking into account the additional travel, but we still believe that growing the product is better than pushing up the price. GP+ is still an incredible bargain at £32.99 given that you get 24 magazines a year in the package. This year there will be 21 race editions which come out just hours after each event. These are between 75 and 90 pages each. In addition you get a preview and a review edition, both of which are larger than the norm. And those who subscribe before the season begins also have access to the previous year’s review.

The price rise will come into effect at 0900 GMT on Monday, January 11, so if you want to take advantage of the last few days at the current price, please feel free to do so. New subscribers will get access codes that will give them the chance to download the 126-page 2015 season review, the biggest ever GP+, which is filled with insights about last season.
Click on this link ( to sign up for the magazine.
Review 2015 cover

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