Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How lucky do you feel?  Below is a $45 chance to win a lifetime subscription to the best Grand Prix magazine on the face of the earth.

Win a lifetime subscription to GP+

I don’t know if you have noticed, but GP+ has a bit of a promotion going on..
Read the following…
We were watching the recent US lottery and noticed that people like to dream about getting something of value with a little help from Lady Luck. So, we thought, why not offer a life-time subscription (that goes for your life and the life of GP+) to anyone who subscribes to the magazine for 2016 (the archives not count) in the course of the next seven days.
The deadline for entries in this lottery will be 11.00 GMT on Tuesday, February 2. And the winner will be picked soon afterwards and informed immediately. We will also publicise the name of the winner, unless the person has any real objection to the idea. The winner will then get his or her 2016 subscription refunded and access to the magazine for free from then onwards until either party dies.
If you have already bought a subscription for 2016, don’t worry, you can buy a gift subscription and the buyer (rather than the gift recipient) will be entered in the lottery.
Please feel free to circulate this information to all your friends in racing. The prize, by the way, is not transferable.
Let the sales begin…


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